Blanche DuBois is a moth on a fingertip

I submit to you, dear reader, a painting by Lucien Durey, whose explanatory note, submitted long ago to an art school English class, is now lost. But looking at the painting now in my home, I imagine it may have claimed that in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, Blanche DuBois, fluttery and dressed in white gowns, is likened to a moth—not only in that she is a moth to Stanley’s flame, but also in her fragility. A moth is so delicate that even a single fingerprint on its wing can be devastating. The moth of the painting, on a sticky red substance whose grain seems to echo the loops and whorls of a fingerprint, navigates no less precariously than the moth that approaches the flame. No less precariously than Blanche circles her own desire, shame, and self-destruction.

Your task, dear reader, is to illustrate one of the qualities of a particular character from any text. Provide a short explanatory note if necessary.

For an alternative assignment, as always submit anything else on this book in particular.


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